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Try Your Hand At The Helm

Official RYA Centre

The Norfolk Broads School of Sailing, in association with Eastwood Whelpton, offers a wide range of courses at Upton using the Royal Yachting Association's National Sailing Scheme.

If you have never sailed before, don't be put off, this is the way to start!

With just a few days personal coaching you will be able to develop the skills required to become a capable skipper enjoying the freedom to sail the Broads network with confidence.

If you already sail but would like a refresher or want to increase your boating skills and sailing performance we can help you with your own personal sailing plan or with RYA advanced courses.

The range of courses available includes:

  • Start Sailing (Level 1)
  • Basic Skills (Level 2)
  • Better Sailing (Level 3)
  • Seamanship Skills
  • Day Sailing
  • ICC Assessment

The 'Start Sailing' course, taken over a short break aboard one of the bermudian rigged yachts from the Upton fleet, will introduce beginners to the joys of sailing, while those with some experience can try a 'Basic Skills' module to develop their knowledge. Other modules, covering passage making and seamanship skills, can be taken on the more advanced yachts. All courses are extensively practical and also include an element covering specific Broads sailing skills.

How to Book

Visit our partner's site to arrange a booking on any of our boats.

Alternatively, you can call us on +44 1493 750430 to organise your course. Prices can be found here.

Our qualified instructors have many years experience of Broads sailing. You will meet your instructor each morning and sail on different Broads or rivers while you complete the syllabus with their expert knowledge and guidance. Successful candidates will receive the appropriate RYA certificates.