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About Sailing on the Norfolk Broads

Created from Medieval peat diggings which rising sea levels have flooded, the Broads include not just the lakes themselves but also the rivers, dykes and cuts that connect them: nearly 140 miles of slow flowing, easy going waters, ideal for cruising under sail.

Listen to the silence and observe the wildlife almost oblivious to your passing; sailing here is about the sound of water and discovering the quiet beauty of the Broads.

Nicolas Crane - presenter of TV Series Coast - talks about the beauty of the Norfolk Broads in this video:

Norfolk Broads sailing. I had heard of it, but I had thought how flat, how dull. How wrong I was! If the Broads themselves had been made specially for small boats, and people like us who want to sail them, I for one could not have bettered the design.
There is magic on a Broads sailing boat. A special friendliness as you step aboard; a bond as your holiday goes on.
Yachts have a feel of their own, they respond as the wind fills the sails to send you dashing across an open broad or nudge you gently up winding rivers.